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Christmas 1998

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Christmas 1998 found me in Port Orchard, WA again this year to visit my parents and sisters who enjoy the ever-changing climate of the great northwest...and we got another White Christmas!


Again, we left our Christmas tree outside (left) and well, it froze . . . Fortunately we got a live tree this year so it'll get soon as it thaws.  We still had the traditional ceramic tree (fully thawed) and carolers though - here seen through the reflection in the china cabinet (right).

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Our trip down to Portland was hampered by the recent snow and ice and the trip which normally takes about 2 hours, took 6 (middle)!  However, we made it to Portland to visit our Grandparents and then came home, being delayed only briefly by the traffic on the ever-popular Tacoma-Narrows Bridge (left, right).


Arriving back home, it was apparent that the snow wasn't getting any lighter, so my sisters and I made a Gingerbread house (middle).   Actually, I just colored the frosting...

Meanwhile, Mittens decided to try to stay warm after the power went out for two hours...(right).  Fortunately my Kodak DC120 digital camera can use batteries...

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The snow inspired me to make a snowman, er - well more like a snowbear with the new experimental face, nose, and with my sisters' help, our 1998 snowbear was born (left).  However, the freezing rain which followed after Christmas resulted in our snowbear having a bit of bad posture (middle, right).


Christmas this year found each of our family pets doing fairly well in the gifts department...Pierre (left) got a new fruit and nut treat stick and "NutraPuffs" (don't ask)...Muffin (left center) got new chewable meat treats which he is nuts about...Mittens (right center) got a new foam house-type-thing courtesy of Becky, and some new "Kitty Kisses" (cat treats)...Lady (right), well she got a new bucket of carrots...hmm...delicious.

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Well, that's all for now for the Christmas 1998 gallery.
Mittens would like to ask you to go visit another part of the site so she can rest...!


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