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Out of the night...come the stars...
they wait, patiently...silently...watching...,  
during the long night.

The wind blew and blew and blew . . . But far from the nest we flew . . . . 
Then kitty said "nest!" - where there be nests, there be whales!
   ...I mean birdies! Let's get the birdies!!!

Void News:
Okay - so it's been a while since this page was directly updated - but that's because I've been busy with Ethan and/or Goblinshred, you decide - putting together a more decent page to host all this from - in case you couldn't figure this out - The Void is now at it's new home at and new to this version are some better organizations in the galleries area which will let me hopefully post new galleries a little more frequently.

More updates will be coming now - though some will be linked back to digital trouble's main page depending on how useful they are there...  At any rate - I need updated "Friends of the Void" links - if you'd like to be a friend of the void - send me a request ( - no need to necessarily be a friend of KenJ - the void is a brave new world...!

Speaking of Friends of the Void - our dear compadre Ben Thornton has taken advantage of digital trouble's world-not-yet-famous host reselling services to bring the still-mysterious Clockwise City to it's new home at - it has some great artwork and original comic strips - just thinking about it makes me wonder why you're still on my page...

But since you apparently are...I've updated the "about the Void guy" page to introduce Void fans everywhere to Ashley Jones who has been the best girlfriend I could have asked for - I hope you will all make her feel right at home in the Void :-)...

I've updated the Friends of the Void section.  Among the changes are an update to the link for the former Plains of Evermore - now superceded by the mysterious Clockwise City.  Also, several of E.C.'s web presences  had gone unlinked - a problem the Void wishes it had been quicker to fix.  Ah well, bygones...
Please continue to pray for those families and friends of those killed at Columbine High School on April 20th as well as for the continuing recovery of the injured students.  Pray that God will continue to work his will through this tragedy.  Even within the sorrow, praise the Lord for the fantastic witness Rachel Scott has been through nearly two hours of God's salvation message recounted by her friends broadcast to the world through CNN during her funeral.  Also for the fantastic witness of the other students who showed their unshakeable faith in God including Cassie Bernall and John Tomlin.  More about the victims available here.

I encourage you to remember Columbine and its heroes by displaying a banner similar to the one above available through

I also encourage you to celebrate the wonderful witness of these students on the same page so the world will not forget God's work in this tragedy. 
Visit my newest project on the web:
It's not terribly similar to the Void - but then I suppose nothing is...
After much delay, destruction, and general delaying tactics, I have brought the Gallery section back online in a new and (hopefully) meaningful way...check it out with its first section of photos from my eventful 1998 Christmas vacation to the state of Washington...


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Welcome to The Void. It is perhaps unlike any void you've ever experienced. That's because it's not just any void, it's THE Void. Also, if you believe any of this shameless marketing, then the whole theme-based web site thing has really gotten out of control.



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