The Martian Invaders


Multi-tentacled abominations, they make up roughly 90% of the Martian population.  No two of them are exactly the same.  Their skin is tight and leathery, coated with a lubricant which they secrete.  Their skin colors are as varied as the colors of nature.  Some walk on legs, while others crawl across the ground.  Some have thousands of eyes; others have noneóusing other means to navigate.  All of them have a communication module somewhere on their body which allows them to be controlled and coordinated by the Títeror.


All of them look exactly the same.  Their skin is mottled green with brown flecks.  They have multiple eyes on various areas of their bodies, and multiple limbs for various functions (grabbing, defense, offense).  Their bodies are covered with fine hairs which act as receptors for sensory data.  Of all the Martians, save Gorr, their brains are the largest, allowing them the fastest thoughts possible.  They are not controlled by the Overlords as the Caracas are.  Instead, they have independent thought, communicating directing with Gorr.  Decrept can be thought of as the females of the species (although that doesnít really apply), mating with either the Títeror, Caracas, or other Decrept to produce offspring.  When a Decrept mates with a Gorr, the Gorr is able to birth a new Gorr.


The leader of the Martian species, and able to communicate directly with all Martians.  Gorr directly controls the Títeror who in turn control the Caracas.  This enables the Martian species to be an extremely lethal fighting force, and well coordinated.  No two Gorr are alike, each taking a new form when one is born (from the existing Gorr).


Massive blobs of morphing goo is the best way to describe these Martians.  Their bodies are basically communication matrices of radio wave sensitive gel.  They are able to reshape their form at will based on the function they need to perform.  They do not need the simple communication modules that the Caracas use since their bodies are the communication modules.  They are responsible for controlling the Caracas and are direct conduits for communication from Gorr to the Caracas.  Each is responsible for a specific group of Caracas.  If an Títeror should become injured in battle or killed, the Caracas under its control usually become very erratic, and usually have to be put down to avoid them attacking other Martians.  Although, sometimes this isnít the case, and the Caracas become extremely docile.


A group of Martians who disagree with the invasion of Earth and have taken steps to combat it.  Most are Decrept, but there are some Caracas.  For this to be the case, the Caracas communication module has to be modified in order to accept orders from the Decrept without giving away the modification.