The Human Cast

Nicholas Knight

27 years old, 6’0” tall, African American, pale green eyes, close-cropped black hair, medium build.  He is obsessive about science-fiction.  He has a degree in Communications.  Along with William he runs Music and Muse, a discount music/book store in the Mall.  Nick and Will have been friends since they were kids.

Kimberly Kade

23 years old, 6’0” tall, Caucasian, bright blue eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair, a little on the chubby side. Her ears are pierced multiple times, and she has tattoos of two fangs around her bellybutton.  Independent and foul-mouthed, she can be hard to deal with at times.  Has 2 years of college and an AA degree in English.

Broke up with her last boyfriend a month ago and dyed her hair pale green two days later.  Took a job in the Mall at a teen clothing store called Minus 18, and is basically coasting through life at the moment, unsure of her future.

Gretchen Darling

24 years old, 5’5” tall, Caucasian, brown eyes, dark brown, mid-back-length hair, thin build.  Quit and re-entered college at least four times, she is currently working on a degree in computer science.  She is friends with Kimberly and also works at Minus 18.

William Smythe

30 years old, 5’2” tall, Caucasian, wavy black hair.  Is engaged to be married to a girl named Jade.  He runs Music and Muse with Nick.

Marcus Gonzalez

39 years old, 5’3” tall, Hispanic, brown eyes, thick black hair, medium build.  Husband of Linda Gonzalez.  He has helped Nick on occasion with his business.

Linda Gonzalez

35 years old, 5’2” tall, Hispanic, brown eyes, chin-length, straight black hair, medium build.  Wife to Marcus Gonzalez.  Her five kids keep her busy at home.

Jade Lincoln

Fiancι of William Smythe.