veileD helL

Adam resisted, but Angel persisted. In the end, they went side-by-side, taking their fight against the darkness to its source. Together, they stalked the Doomite.

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veileD helL was written for those of us who have something we want to say to somebody, but cannot bring ourselves to say it to them.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of reaction.  Fear of finding out the truth.  Many fears can keep us from opening ourselves to potential attack.  coilspark experiences his own helL sometimes, and does his best to hide it.  It is perhaps not the healthiest of actions, but it is real.

completed: 05.04.2000
length: 04:17
notes: the song uses moments of dissonance to break up the main flow of the verses.  The difficulty with this song (as with null) was the stream-of-consciousness, run-on sentence structure.  coilspark employed more of a talking vocal style for this song.  It seemed to fit the personal and emotional motif of the lyrics.

appears on:
the banishment: DAM CD: Track 16


00:03 - Demon Knight
The Collector: "Look at you.  You must be in exquisite pain.  All covered with blood."

02:09 - Demon Knight
The Collector: "I warned you.  I told you what would happen.  You didn't believe me.  I forgive you.

02:20 - Demon Knight
The Collector: "You will give me what I want.  That's just the way it is, and the sooner you figure that out...the better."

02:44, 02:46, (repeats...) - Demon Knight
Uncle Willy: "Now the demons are back."

02:49, (repeats...) - Demon Knight
Uncle Willy: "They got six of the keys."