My Poisonist (downmix)

Still, Angel knew that she could falter at any moment--become what she most feared. She dreaded this possibility minute by minute. Hopefully she wasn’t rubbing off on Adam. Infesting her friend would be inexcusable.

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My Poisonist is a criticism of the action of inflicting pain on other people, simply due to the pain inside you.  It is a criticism of the person who is so filled with hate that he/she must bring others down to make themselves feel better.  It is a criticism of hypocrites.  The actions described are a part of a violent circle of outlashing at one another--the whispered word behind the back--the gossip.  These actions are poison--of the external and internal kind.  My Poisonist is about all of this, and how, in the end, it is all to easy to become what we despise the most.
completed: Zebulun mixdown - 12.31.1998; downmix - 01.09.1999 
length: 02:42 
notes: this song came about as the result of a collaboration between goblinshred and Zebulun.  The lyrics were penned by coilspark during numerous morning sermons at church (for some reason, this is when the majority of his lyrics are formulated).  The lyrics were e-mailed to Ben-G, who wrote guitar music for the song.  During Christmas of 1998, over the period of less than a week, coilspark and Ben-G worked on the song.  coilspark provided drum, synth, and sample programming, while Ben-G performed guitar and vocals.  This collaboration resulted in "My Poisonist (Zebulun mixdown)".  The song was performed live at Ben-G's home for the first time on 01.01.1999.  Upon returning home, coilspark (who was unable to immediately acquire Ben-G's guitar and vocal tracks) remixed the song, modifying synth sounds and adding a few samples, with the core melodies and length of the song remaining unmodified.  This version was dubbed "My Poisonist (downmix)".
appears on:
Ballistic Test 8: Flaming Fish Music: Track 13
the banishment: DAM CD: Track 11
00:00 - The Ghost and the Darkness
Remington: "I am the devil."

00:33, 00:38, 01:16, 01:21, 02:20, 02:25 - The Lost Boys
Alan Frog: "Kill your brother.  You'll feel better." 

00:54, 01:00 - The Frighteners
Old Lady Bradley: "The wicked will be punished!"

01:37, 01:42 - Starship Troopers
Jean Rasczak: "They sucked his brains out!"

01:46 - Starship Troopers
Announcer: "Would you like to know more?"

*01:48, 01:53 - I Know What You Did Last Summer
Julie James: "Oh my God, this isn't happening!"

*01:59, 02:01, 02:04 - I Know What You Did Last Summer
Ray Bronson: "I think he's dead!"

02:40 - The Lost Boys
Edgar Frog: "Goodnight, bloodsucker!"

*These samples only occur on "My Poisonist (downmix)"

special credits: ben-g of Zebulun for the music