The Darklites fed off of Angel's screaming form. It was pure pain, but that dark part of her--the legacy of her ancestors--craved this, and she was powerless to fight it. Unconsciousness lay only a second away when the Darklites scrambled away. There was a man in a trench coat walking toward her.

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null was conceived by coilspark as a way of expressing that empty feeling some of us find ourselves feeling at times in our lives.  In reality, it is anything but emptiness, but it is often hard to put into words.  It's that sick feeling in the pit of the stomach, that knot of frustration and held-in agony.  It's the constant struggle to continue existing on this fALLEN planet.  And yet, in the end there is one direction we can look for a ray of hope.  Skyward.
completed: 10.01.1998 
recompleted: 10.13.1998 
length: 05:04 
notes: this is the first song released by goblinshred.  coilspark became extremely frustrated during the course of writing this song.  Cakewalk Pro Audio 7.01 deemed that the song file should be corrupted not once, but twice.  The first event of corruption was a hard blow, with the song  80% completed.  After recovering from this, the song was reconstructed and completed.  Initial conversions to .wav and .mp3 were done at this time.  The second event of corruption destroyed the final version of the song, which was only waiting to be converted to .wav and .mp3 formats with slight audio level adjustments.  After sending the file off to Cakewalk Technical Support, coilspark contemplated the irony of the song's lyrical content with the events that were happening.  But the file returned, reconstructed, but without audio data.  coilspark reintroduced the audio and re-recorded the vocals to finally arrive at the final version of the song.  He left it at that. 
appears on:
Ballistic Test 7: Flaming Fish Music: Track 15
the banishment: DAM CD: Track 06

02:39 - Needful Things
Polly Chalmers: "Oh!" 
Leland Gaunt: "I'm sorry.  Must be the storm." 
Polly Chalmers: "What storm?" 
Leland Gaunt: "Oh, I assure you, there is one coming." 

02:53, 04:10 - Needful Things
Leland Gaunt: "Yessiree, we're having fun now." 

03:56 - Needful Things
Nettie Cobb: "My husband played a lot of tricks on me." 
Leland Gaunt: "Perhaps it would be fun to play one on someone else.  Nobody would ever know it was you.  I promise."