This Sinfested Life

Searching for a confidant was as difficult as Angel had expected. Faith was the qualifying attribute she quested for, but nobody seemed to know what it was in these modern times. Besides, who would accept her and her scars?

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coilspark knows that we all have our secrets.  We all have our dark insides which we can only show to somebody if they are willing to pay the price.  This Sinfested Life is a realization of this state.  It is a plea for comfort and companionship in the struggle.  It is a cry toward the heavens, with the knowledge that there is only One that can rescue us from this rotten lifestate.
completed: 02.06.2000
length: 06:48
notes: this song was intended to be a faster song than it turned out to be, but coilspark was happy with the end results.  The samples were picked specifically for their content which relates to the song's message.

appears on: 
the banishment: DAM CD: Track 04


00:12 - Pet Sematary
Jud Crandall: "Do you know what a graveyard really is?  A place where the dead speak."

03:47 - Pet Sematary
Victor Pascow: "The barrier was not meant to be crossed.  The ground is sour!"

04:17, 04:37, 04:57 - Pet Sematary
Victor Pascow: "This is the place where the dead speak."

special credits: ken johnson for the wind sound on verse three