A m p u t a t e d     s o u l h e a r t m i n d     r e j e c t i o n



(06.23.2001) the banishment is complete!  This premiere horror concept album is up and available at the mp3.com site!  Six of the songs from the album are available for download from there.  In addition, the goblinfested remix of the Cult of Jester song Crackerboy is available there.  If you don't have the Golgo 13 remix CD, then this is your only other method of hearing this remix, so go download it now.  Download and listen to all the songs.  Now.


In anticipation of the soon-to-be-released album, the new site is up and active!  Look around, and let me know what you think.

(05.16.2001) All songs for the banishment have been completed.  Final check and audio verification is commencing.  All songs will be uploaded to the mp3.com goblinshred presence for inclusion on a D.A.M. CD.
Slowly, the demo is coming along slowly.  Currently, it will be concept driven, with twenty-five tracks.  Sixteen tracks have been completed, a few of which still need minor adjustments.  The newest tracks completed are Crawl Around Blind and Plague of Remorse.  The goblinshred site will undergo quite a transformation when the demo is released.

goblinshred has an mp3.com presence at www.mp3.com/goblinshred.

(08.27.2000) coilspark has completed a remix of the Cult of Jester song Crackerboy.  Though the song will not appear on the upcoming Cult of Jester CD Golgo 13, it may appear somewhere else...  The remix is entitled Crackerboy (goblinfested).

(05.04.2000) veileD helL is complete.  The info page is available below.

(02.13.2000) This Sinfested Life is done.  The info page for the song is linked down below.  Ideas are forming for a new song.  Info page for You're Viperite is available now.

(01.29.2000) It's been a long time coming, but the site has finally moved to it's permanent home at www.digitaltrouble.com.  Time constraints and illness prevented You're Viperite from being completed over the holidays, but hopefully coilspark and Ben-G will be able to colaborate long-distance.  A few setbacks have occurred on This Sinfested Life, but it should be completed soon.

(09.19.1999) Work progresses on the new song This Sinfested Life.  The music is done.  MIDI mixdown and the vocal track have yet to be completed.  The plan is to release this song on the demo.  Also, lyrics have been written for the second collaboration with Ben-G of Zebulun.  The song You're Viperite is planned for creation around Christmas.

(04.05.1999) My Poisonist (goblinshred downmix) now appears on Ballistic Test 8 from Flaming Fish Music.  Also, null appears on Ballistic Test 7, also released by Flaming Fish Music.

(01.09.1999) My Poisonist (goblinshred downmix) has been completed, and a link to the information page has been added below.  This song was created in cooperation with Ben-G of Zebulun.

copyright (c) 2001 by coilspark