It is before.  Close your eyes and remember a time when the world was merely on the brink of hell, instead of deep within its depths.  Cyberspace has not fallen, and the chaos that is to come is casually foretold by the existing maelstrom which infects the crippled beast known as humanity.  Life is cheap.  Death is a constant companion, gorging itself on the weak and the strong alike.  If you're not a killer, you're a victim.  Self-preservation is the order of the day, and selling humanity's soul to the machine is legal, and profitable.  The cost is high, but many are willing to pay.  And yet, even in this long age of pain, there are still a few heroes yet to be born.

The future is yet to come.  Let history reveal its dark legacy.

ben thornton

mike uchida

ethan a. cooper
Memories: Child Of The Void
Chapter I: Instinct
Chapter II: Childhood
Chapter III: Edging The Sword
Chapter IV: Homecoming
Chapter V: Blood Ties
Chapter VI: Down Time
Chapter VII: Chrome Knight
Chapter VIII: Unraveling
Phoenix's Bad Day
Part 1: Two-syl*
Part 2: Liverd
Soldiers: A Tale Of XX Chromo Warfare:

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Memories 2
Chapter I: Untitled
  FRIGHTfALL: Tales Of Future Fear
001: V1Lev1L1ve
010: Murder2
011: In Th3 Hous3 Of Th3 Qu33n Of Cyb3rspac3
100: Digid4mned
101: The 5erenity Ma55acre

* Indicates extreme or mature content. no younglings.