DOWNfALL is an epic serial story of the dark future. This sci-fi, cyberpunk, horror serial follows three main characters through their struggles following the demise of cyberspace.

2195: Obliteration
2196: Onslaught Dawn
2197: Spiraling Towards Oblivion

The first: a knight of chrome with no hope, at war with himself.
The second: a mysterious man with no identity, reborn in the fire.
The last: a blue-haired girl with no memories, the last of the unfallen angels.
The world is dead and dying around them, and dark technology lies waiting. Survival is the only option left. But it's not going to be a very easy one.

WARNING: The future is not a pretty place. DOWNfALL contains adult language, instances of extreme violence, and graphic sexual content. The story is intended for mature audiences only. No kids.