Aran     Phoenix     (2)syl


Aran - full body sketch

Full Name: Aran SeTaal
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birth: 01.33.2172
Height: 5'11"17
Weight: 163 (natural), 238 (enhanced)
Eyes: Silver (augmented)
Hair: Gray (natural abnormality)
Description: Not available
Cyberware: 17.12% total body 
Bionics: 44.63% total body
Datacrime Level4: New Austin Empire
Demolition Level2: United European  Empires
Treason: Nation of Utopia
Convictions: None
Born and breed to be less than human, Aran is a product of humanity and technology married together.   A Technomancer by nature, a data-thief by trade, he is a freelancer who tries to keep cyberspace safe from his own kind who would abuse their 
technological powers.



Full Name: Unknown 
Aliases: Richard William Quantas III, Fred Ziquin, The Chameleon, 27818, Kuh'tas Zulan, A4X56, Dr. Slick, etc.
Race: Human 
Sex: Male
Birth: Unknown 
Height: Variable? 
Weight: 185 lbs (enhanced)
Eyes: Variable? 
Hair: Variable? 
Description: Very natural appearance.  Little or no visible technology.  Eyes and skin are normal colored. 
Cyberware: Little to none showing 
Bionics: Unknown
Notorious con artist 
Warrants: (Various countries) 
Fraud: 598 counts total 
Theft: 19 counts total 
Grand Theft: 79 
Bounties: 12 (official) 
Convictions: None
One of the slickest men to ever walk the earth.  He is somewhat of a legend, and a mystery.  No one knows where he came from, but many have heard of his work.  He is a legendary con artist and escape artist.  Reports are conflicting about many of his physical attributes.  A few rumors indicate that he can change his physical appearance.  Has charming looks and personality.



(2)syl - 3/4 body frame

Full Name: (2)syl
Race: Normal Human 
Sex: Female
Birth: Unknown
Height: 5'0" 
Weight: 115 lbs. 
Eyes: Right eye is brown, left eye is black 
Hair: Blue (natural) 
Description: Short, but not stocky.  No apparent physical marks or blemishes.  Her hair is straight, reaching just to chin level. 
Cyberware: None 
Bionics: None 
Unknown.  Awakened in an alley on 12.05.2195 with no recollection of the past. 
Warrants: Unknown 
Convictions: Unknown 
A child of the future.  Born to an existence without a past and no direction for the future, she refuses to let the world control her.  Her rejection of enhancements to her body has placed her near the cliff of extinction, for unmodified and unblemished humans are an extreme rarity.  In a world of death, she is life.  In a world of unclean and unholy technology, she is pure.  In a world of rape, she is the virgin.  And in the end, when it all comes down, she must survive.  Because survival is all that's left.

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