Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I read DOWNfALL? It's so confusing! I'm overwhelmed.

A: If you're overwhelmed trying to read it, imagine what it's like trying to write it! But seriously, we understand where you're coming from. Let's see if we can shed some light on this monstrosity.

As the splash page says, DOWNfALL chronicles the story of three main characters: Aran, Phoenix, and (2)syl. While you will not fully experience DOWNfALL unless you have read every word, period, and comma we've written, each character's story is, for the most part, whole and complete by itself. I.e., you should be able to read Aran's story without reading Phoenix's or (2)syl's. If one character isn't your cup of java, then you can safely ignore them. There is one exception to this, in that the last three posts for each character for DOWNfALL 2195: Obliteration make up a nine-part series. These posts must be read in a particular order for them to make any sense. Sorry, we were young at the time.

Q: Ok, I understand about the three characters. Now how do I go about reading the story? Where do I start?

A: At the beginning. Or, as we like to call it, 2195: Obliteration. You see, DOWNfALL is a three-arc epic chronicling events starting just before midnight of December 4th, 2196 through midnight of New Year's Eve, 2197. Each arc details the events of that year.

Q: I'm just about to start reading. I see three columns with lots of words. What am I looking at?

A: Each column represents a character. In each column you will see chapter titles. Underneath each chapter are numbered posts with unique titles. Click on these post titles to read a particular character's story.

Q: Some of these posts have funny codes after them, like [s002] and [p012]. What do they mean?

A: Though Aran, Phoenix, and (2)syl have their own stories, there are times when they will interact with each other. These codes indicate a crossover with another character. For example, the first Aran post of 2195: Obliteration looks like this:

001: Awake To Nightmare [s002]

This indicates that this post crosses over with (2)syl's second post.

Q: Ok, what about the asterisks after some of the post titles? Are those posts extra fun?

A: If you like extreme violence, adult language, or sexual situations, then yes. If not, then no. Posts that are marked with an asterisk will contain certain extreme elements. It could be as small as a sentence or a word. We evaluate these incidents on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What is your philosophy on sex, violence, and language in DOWNfALL?

A: First, let us say that we have voluntarily rated the site with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA).

Second, let us say that the future is not a pretty place. DOWNfALL, while fiction, is intended to be a harsh, realistic portrayal of certain themes. It is for mature audiences. This story is tame when compared to many other stories, but we believe that it is better to make readers aware up front as to possible offensive content.

Sex, violence, and language all have their place in fiction (and real life). We do not feel that our story is gratuitous, and any of these elements that exist, do so to illustrate themes critical to the overall story. There are some disturbing events in this sad tale were telling that we cannot condone in real life. This is fiction. We are painting a picture of a fallen society--one we believe that our current world is destined for.

this page and its contents copyright (c) by ethan a. cooper, ben thornton, and mike uchida