Remembrance, The Second

039: Defilement

Post: 02.04.2003
Date: Unknown
Time: Unknown


The pistols (his pistols) were both shaking, dangerously, inches away from his face, which was starting to shine with sweat.

“You’re right, you shouldn’t have ever trusted a glitching woman,” she said angrily as tears streamed down her cheeks.  “Least of all, this stupid keetcha!” she said, pointing to herself with one of the guns.

“Listen, Maia--”

“No Cyre!  You listen to me—listen and look!  See this creditstick?  I’ve transferred all the money that we’ve ‘earned’ to this.  By all rights, this money should have been mine in the first place!”

“And what will you do with it?  Hide it?  Spend it?  You know I can take it all back from you in time.  I taught you everything you know, glitch it!”

“You taught me too much.  You taught me how to distrust people.  You taught me how to lie.  You taught me how to cheat.  That’s all fine for you, I suppose, but I don’t think I like what I’ve become because of you.” 

She shifted her balance and continued with a lower voice.  “But you know what?  You also taught me how to make plans—good plans.  Oh yes, I’ve had this planned out for quite some time now.  And you also taught me how to execute them.”

She touched one of the pistols to his forehead before continuing in an almost whisper.  “And you know what else?  You taught me how to cover my tracks.”

The other pistol was now thrust into his moist cheek.  “And there’s one other thing you taught me….” Her voice was the quietest whisper now.  You taught me how to kill.”

“Maia--” he pleaded.

“Shhh!  Don’t say a word.”  She caressed his face with the cold muzzle of one of the pistols.  “There’s only one problem,” she said softly, her voice starting to falter.  “The plan was not perfect.  I thought I had accounted for all possible factors…but I missed one.  I didn’t think it could happen, but it did.”

“What happened?” he softly asked.

Her face wrenched up as she shook her head, tears dripping off of her chin.  “I…I fell in love with you,” she sobbed.  She stepped forward, into his body.  The pistols clattered when they hit ground.  Her empty hands gently pulled his head down toward hers, resting it on her shoulder.  Their two moist cheeks pressed together.

“You never taught me how to love,” she said, and held him tighter.

“No,” he said, his voice now starting to tremble as well, “but you taught that to me.”


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