a golem soul
ben thornton

haunted echoes of the past
mike uchida

a darkened angel dying
ethan a. cooper



  Massacre Unbound, Unleashed
xxx: Roadblock
xxx: Town Of Blood
xxx: Playing Heroes
xxx: The Fear In Her Eyes
xxx: A Job To Be Done
xxx: Bloodlust
xxx: Vengeance

Blue Angel Dying: Devil Talon Wounds
144: Interlude : Sphek
145: Angel Ascending
146: Embrace Me, Wirewitch
147: The Blood That Binds
148: Sib/Riv

149: The Dying (iii)
  Last Chance For The First
xxx: Seduction
xxx: Surrender
Selfjack (iii)
150: Viewing Darr-Eiech
  Island Of Terrors
xxx: Landing
xxx: Untitled
xxx: Untitled
xxx: Utopian Attack
xxx: Untitled
xxx: Untitled
Breaking Of The Driftlings
151: Inconsistent Villains
152: Shadow Of The Gad (rin)
153: The Fracturing Of The World
154: Shedding Last Tears
155: Leaving Home, Never To Return
156: Final Sunset On Athara
    Vengeance Walks
: The Journey West
158: Whispers Of Horrosaurs, Fear Of Mech-Dragons

159: Reflections During A Lonely Night
160: Return Of The Demon Spawn
161: Eoa, My Executioner
162: A Link Restored
    Angel Vs. Warlock
: Surrounded By Beasts, What Occurs Between A Boy And A Girl
164: A Cliff, Precarious (ii)
165: Animalistic (i)
166: A Moment's Brief Remorse
167: Animalistic (ii)
168: Creeping Curse
169: At Your Prophecy, My Ears Bleed
    I, Wirewitch
170: Pleasures Of The Flesh, Violations Of The Mind
171: (2)syl Gets Kissed Again
172: The Witching Of (2)syl
173: The Coven Is Completed
174: The Third Sister
    Silence, Then Broken
: Black Vale Six
176: Stay Of Execution
177: Super Grand Nexus Ultra Prime
178: No Escape From The Valley Of Sin
    Second Chance To Bleed
: Abominations Walking
180: Under The Feet Of Gods
181: War Angel
182: To Slay A Giant
183: The Next Revision
184: Losing The War
    Chaos Completed
: Death Is Just A Single Breath Away
186: Too Many Casualties
187: Fighting Back-To-Back With My Lover
188: An Unexpected Departure
189: No Time For Silence, No Time For Grief
Onslaught Dawn:
Fade To Black

xxx: White
xxx: Gray
xxx: Black
Onslaught Dawn:
Fickle Mistress

xxx: Lady Luck Smirks
xxx: Lady Luck Kills
xxx: Lady Luck Laughs
Onslaught Dawn:
At Damnation's Edge

: Clown: My Savior, My Bane
191: Severed
192: She Screams Because She's Dying



* Indicates extreme violence, adult language, or sexual content. no younglings.