a golem soul
ben thornton

haunted echoes of the past
mike uchida

a darkened angel dying
ethan a. cooper





The Path Of Falling Stars; I Have No Regrets Of Dying
xxx: Untitled

Remembrance, The Third
062: Veil
Two Kisses And A Wound
101: Kiss (Eternal) [p063-064]
102: Kiss (Momentary)
* [p065]
103: Wound (Infected) [p069]
The Three Days Of Man
xxx: Death
xxx: Time
xxx: Birth
Casualty On Both Sides
063: Sleeping Beauty [s101]
064: The Color Of Endearment
065: The Color Of Passion
Covenant Zero
104: The Coven Returns
Pivot Point
106: She Tastes Blood
Sahris - Damnation
xxx: The Revolt In Heaven
xxx: Broken Blades, Broken Wings
xxx: Here, There Is No Respite
xxx: Forever Wandering
xxx: Penance
Remembrance, The Fourth
066: Contamination
067: Shroud

Drifting Westward
107: A Band Of Six
108: Skinfection Rising
109: Three Dark Dots

Doc - Entropy
xxx: Wounds That Do Not Heal
xxx: A Doctor For The Soul
xxx: No Open Doors
xxx: The Price Of Metal, The Cost Of Flesh

068: The Thing That Wouldn't Die
069: Good Riddance [s103]

Before...Is Now
110: Black City West
111: Ambushed, Captured Imprisoned
112: Before The Sphek
113: Naked Examination
114: The Empty Throne
115: It Took Two...Here's The Other One
Ta-Kyn - Reverence
xxx: Untitled

Two Cities
070: Last Chance
071: Privity

SelfJack (ii)
116: Viewing The Island
Greasy - Impurity
xxx: Limitations
xxx: Lost Art
xxx: A Wicked Kind Of Genius
xxx: Wandering The Land Of Nod
xxx: God's Gift In The Devil's Hands
xxx: The Monk And The Book Of Falling Stars
xxx: Why We Forgot
xxx: Temptation
xxx: Windfire

072: The Janitor
073: The Auditor
074: The Executive

075: The Customer
117: Pursued By
118: Her Lover's Hand
119: Witchspeak
120: Modiespeak
121: His Angel's Kiss
122: The Joining Sequence

Kreep - Vilify
xxx: Losing Control
xxx: The Philosophy Of Monsters
xxx: Teatime At The Station
xxx: The Best Of Enemies
xxx: The Masquerade Ball
xxx: Monsters, Masks, And Men
xxx: All Hallows Eve
xxx: The Dead Don't Dream
xxx: Necromancy
xxx: No Victor, Save The Grave
xxx: Magnolia
xxx: Rite And Wrong
xxx: The Grave Eater
xxx: Broken Dreams
xxx: Death Intervenes
xxx: The Reaper
xxx: The Reaper's Master
xxx: No Rest For The Wicked
xxx: No Rest For The Weary
On Track
xxx: Untitled
xxx: Untitled
xxx: Untitled
xxx: Untitled
Attack Of The Nanzag
123: Panicroom

124: Killing Zomboids
125: Angel Endangered
126: Heaven Saves Hell
127: Peril Repulsed, Vow Rejected
Tyillion's Last Stand
xxx: Unmarked Grave; She Found Her Love
xxx: Allendara; The Brother Killer
xxx: The Battle For Howver's Peak
xxx: Endless Sea, Endless Sky
xxx: Tyillion's Ascension; The Maiden Of Blades
xxx: A Thousand Shades Of Gray
xxx: Murderer's Picnic
xxx: Opposing Forces
xxx: Attracting Forces
xxx: Where Can There Be Shelter?
xxx: Nemesis
xxx: The Ashes Of The Here And Now
xxx: ???
xxx: The Battle Comes Home
xxx: Dragon Slayer
xxx: Many Are My Enemies
xxx: Embracing The Machine
xxx: The Gauntlet Thrown; A Duel
xxx: There Are No Good Goodbyes
xxx: Protector
xxx: Betrayer
I, Driftling
128: Conversation Drift
129: Path Of Ascension
130: Curse Of Athara-Meeatora
131: Enemies In The Midst
  Wound Reopened
xxx: Another Side Of The Story
xxx: Lookout Duty
xxx: Man To Man To Machine
xxx: Make It Better
Blue Angel Dying: Creature Eye Waking
132: Prologue To Apocalypse
133: Clown's Caress
134: A New Kind Of Pain
135: Gut Blood
136: Spark
137: The Dying (i)
  Crossing The Great Divide
xxx: ???
Blue Angel Dying: Monster Fang Terrors
138: Interlude : Suckle
139: What JACK Said
140: Sleep Next To Me Tonight
141: No Answers Here
142: A Piece Of Me Is Dead
143: The Dying (ii)





* Indicates extreme violence, adult language, or sexual content. no younglings.