It is the year 2196.  Close your ears and shut out the screams of the dying.  Humanity is a suffering, wounded beast, desperate for hope in a world of doom.  Cyberspace has fallen, switched off-line in an instant by a nameless entity, taking both its angels and demons with it.  Millions are dead, millions more are in pain, cut off from their only refuge, shocked into a reality which threatens to overwhelm them.  Legions of cyberspace predators now roam the real world, searching out new prey, seeking new food for their ravenous hunger.  Truth is a swear word.  Purity is a virtual myth.  Honor is only a memory.  Evil forces of incalculable power are gathering, plotting out the end of good, careless of the innocents that suffer in the destructive wake of their maneuverings.  Only a select few warriors are even willing to combat the black cloud looming over the future.  And even they are beginning to falter.

The future is here.  Be afraid.


a golem soul
ben thornton

haunted echoes of the past
mike uchida

a darkened angel dying
ethan a. cooper



...Life Is But A Dream
035: Ferry O'er The River
036: A Stranger Among Us
037: Luftmensch
038: Skeletons In The Closet
039: A Flash Of Light, A Swiftly Fading Dream
040: Schatten
041: Lux
042: Dead In The Water
018: Impurity
The Dark Deep Down
056: Awake To Blue
057: Driftslave (i)
058: Driftslave (ii)

059: Driftslave (iii)*
060: Naked in the Mist
061: Surrounded : Alone

043: Things Creeping In The Night
044: Beneath A Sundark Sky
045: Walk Amongst The Dead
046: Madro Maero
047: Reliquary
048: Nightmare’s End

Borne By Water
019: Unlikely Salvation [s063]
020: Naked Woman
021: His Question

022: Her Question
023: His Question (ii)
024: Stowaways
025: Her Question (ii)

A Thief And A Destroyer Of Worlds
062: The Undrowning
063: Heal : Reveal
064: A Stopping Of Time 
065: All The Planets I've Killed

The Retreating Night
049: Where The Sea Meets The Sand
050: “Look Upon My Works...”
051: Whispers From The Past
052: Purity In the Fire
053: Cool Water

Waking Dream
026: Tin Can
027: Messenger
028: Scratch One


Two Whispers On My Lips
066: Thiefspeak
067: Destroyerspeak

Truth And Consequence
054: Gunmetal Blues
055: Forever In The Rain, Forever In The Storm
056: Admissions
057: Master’s Test
058: Release
059: Eternal Truths, Eternal Consequences

Drifting Away
029: The Obliteration
030: Aran And Company
031: Tale Of The Right
032: Tale Of The Left
033: Blue-Haired Girl
034: Man Of Many Names

Night's Sweet Lament
068: Legacy Of The Knight
069: Legacy Of The Clown
070: Legacy Of The Witch
071: Devil's Kiss
072: Surrounded : Together

Self: Doubt
060: Heavy Are The Days
061: The Cliff Dwellers
062: Between The Mirrors: Reflection
063: Abomination
064: "We Bury Our Shame"
065: Catch The Falling Star
066: Patient As The Grave


035: Boiling Cauldron
* [s073]
036: The Mighty Are Terrified
037: The Doors Of His Mouth
038: Glistening Wake

The Beast Beneath
073: Daymare
* [p035]
074: Coils Within Coils
* [p036]
075: Seven Seconds Left To Live
076: Ocean Of Blood
* [p038]

Self: Reflection
067: Highwaymen
068: Legend Breaker
069: That Murderous Gift
070: Rockbreaker
071: Enter The Evil Bastard
072: Master Of Machine
073: Apprentice

Remembrance, The Second
039: Defilement


Return To The Poisoned Earth
077: Hypercurrent Collision
078: Debris And Garbage
079: First Steps Toward You

Self: Cognizance
074: Blood And Oil
075: Eternal Nemesis
076: Potential Realized
077: Abomination
078: The Golem's Soul
079: Unnatural Sin
080: Penance
Inhuman, Inhumane
040: Mainland
041: SLOT-R
042: Spotted
043: Digital Trouble
044: Danger In Numbers
045: Slaughter Of Droids
046: Haven Hell
047: Rest For The Weary
048: Hunted Beings
049: Running
050: Calamity Carl
080: The Outskirts Of Glitch [p043]
081: Droids Of Slaughter
082: The Reaving
083: Deathhaven
* [p046]
084: A Night's Respite
085: Being Hunted
086: Narrow Path Through Hell
087: Return Of The Harlequin
088: Blood And Metal
089: Dark Door To Twilight
Shadow Walking
xxx: Standing In My Own Shadow
xxx: What's In A Name?
xxx: My Brother's Keeper
xxx: She Said: "Tell Me That You Love Me."
xxx: Heirs To The Falling Stars
xxx: A Place Outside Of Time
xxx: To Be Forgotten
xxx: The Blue-Haired Angel Gives Me Wings
xxx: A Game Of Me And You
xxx: Rolling The Dice
xxx: If Not By Choice, Then By Chance
051: Her Secret
* [s090]
052: His Secret
053: The Next Morning
054: High Roller
055: Getaway
056: Thought Review (i)
090: A Cliff, Precarious (i)* [p051-052]
091: The Con
092: Behind The Back Room
093: What (2)syl Saw There
094: Dark Angel Raging
095: Never Ask Me
The Path Of Falling Stars; Giving Up The Sky
xxx: Untitled
One From The Grave
057: Aran Lives
058: Unstable Trio
059: Lattis And Theron
060: Activation Parameters
Knight And Daze
096: Black City East
097: Man Machine And Heat
098: Metalmorphosis
099: The Angel, The Demon, The Ghost
The Path Of Falling Stars; From Here, You Can See Yourself
xxx: Untitled

Another From The Grave
061: Ghost

SelfJack (i)
100: Viewing Eiech



* Indicates extreme violence, adult language, or sexual content. no younglings.