100: Viewing Eiech

Post: 02.18.2004
Date: Unknown
Time: Unknown

Viewing Eiech

     I see


From my vantage point above, an enormous crater carved into the ground, just an oval scar on a wounded planet. Back when it happened, fragments from the comet came down all over the planet, creating thousands of craters. This, definitely, is one of the bigger ones. It's miles across. No less scarred than the land below, the sky above is black and gray, blasted with rolling clouds. They seem to hover over this place, as if drawn here.

Suddenly, I'm standing in the middle of the crater, gazing around at the mountainous ridge which now surrounds me.

I'm asleep; I know that much. The static put me under, and I'm along for the ride. A static-induced dream.

For a moment, the sun breaks through the clouds. I bring my hand up to shield my eyes, but it's not my hand. Not my arm. Looking down at myself:


     This isn't my body I'm in.


One blink later and I'm in a large, domed room. Underground. Below the crater. The whole room seems to vibrate with the pressure of the earth surrounding it. The one exit to the room is a hallway off to one side. The walls of the dome are filled with large video screens. Computer consoles run a ring around the circumference of the room. Inscribed on the floor is a number, or possibly a word, but I don't look at it long enough to recognize what's there.

I walk to one of the consoles. The video screen looms above me, and from this angle, I can see that it's really a holographic projection. On the screen is a picture of a large ship, adrift in the ocean, lit only by stars and, perhaps, by the moon. Perhaps I should know that ship? Something tells me that I saw it recently, but I can't seem to trigger a solid memory.

My vision--not under my control, like the rest of me--shifts down to the console. My hands flutter over the controls, pressing buttons, keying in command sequences. Whatever I'm doing, I finish quickly. Looking back to the screen, there's a word blinking in the bottom half of the screen:


Next to it, blinks another word, perhaps more disturbing than the first:


On another screen, which shows a barren stretch of ocean, a black spot appears. I'm smiling, and I don't know why.

On yet another screen, a figure, spinning in a black liquid. Impossibly, it's Aran!

The smile disappears. My thoughts are not my own, but I think them anyway: Maero, you have endured such sorrow, and will bear much more during the approaching conflict. And yet, He has use for you. He is not the only player in the game. The others would use you as a pawn against Him, but I believe you are more of a knight than a pawn. I will use you appropriately, as He wishes.

Then, strangely: It's not hard to recognize what She sees in you.

I'm turning around, and walking. Into the hallway, through it, and into another room, smaller this time, barely lit. The walls curve; the ceiling is domed. On small pedestals around the room, there are flickering...candles?

Against the wall in front of me, in this dim shrine, hangs a human body, its head bowed. My vision goes blurry suddenly, and I can't make out any more details. I'm stepping closer, and the blurriness gets worse with each step. The image of the figure, arms and legs outstretched, held taught and tight against the wall, refuses to leave my mind. My heartbeat quickens. In anticipation? In fear? In what?

My hand comes up, wiping at my eyes.


     I was crying.


When I lower my hand, the figure lifts its shadowy head. I can't make out its features, just its grinning mouth moving when it speaks.

"Glad you finally broke through, syl. I'm DevilGOD. I'm your other father."


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