It is the year 2195.  Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a broken world.  Technologies beyond your wildest imaginations and creatures from your darkest nightmares.  Envision a human race forced to retreat into cities in order to save itself from its own monstrous creations.  Bio-engineering and chemical experimentation have brought out the dark side of creations, and now the created threaten to extinguish those that created them.  Cyberspace is a sprawling digital universe.  But the matrix holds no refuge anymore because the creatures of realspace have adapted to the technology of the modern world, and now, even some of them are known to roam the virtual realm.  Humanity has twisted and clawed for salvation in these dim times, merging with technology in order to adapt and grow.  But the embracing of technology does not come without its price.  For some, the union is too overwhelming, and humanity tends to get lost in the confusion.  The world is a frightening place, where the powerful rule, and the innocent stumble and are crushed.  Survival is the only option.  But it's not a very easy one.

The future is here.  Hold on.


man made machine made man

ben thornton 


new life springs from 
the ashes of death

mike uchida


a new angel descending

ethan cooper 

Paranoia Shift
001: Awake To Nightmare [s002]
002: Dreams Of The Fall
003: Rebirth
001: Dying
002: Death
003: Remembering The Past
004: Blackness
005: Spark
006: Fire
007: Resurrection
Dim Waking
001: Awake To Black
002: Embracing The Scorpion [a001]
003: A Cleansing
004: In This Hour The Witches Do Roam
2nd Age Of The Sword
004: Bittersweet*
005: Reunion
006: Dirge
007: Aftermath
008: Chrome Knight [s012]
009: Inhabitor [s013]
008: Onas
009: Mr. Zodiac
010: 7X34BL
011: J'neK
012: MU [s029] 
013: Cyre
014: Phoenix
Living The Frantic
005: Osculation Drift
006: A Conversation In Shadows
007: Vulnerable
010: Diagnosis
011: Breaking The Walls
012: Beyond Man And Machine
013: The Essence Of The War
014: Body Format
015: Saline
The Slaughtering Beast
008: The First*
009: Requiem The Second*
010: Third Twilight*
011: A Fourth Beckoning*
012: The Last [a008]
Yesterday's Dreams
016: A Spire
017: Ascending
018: The Historian
019: More Questions*
020: The Wastelands
021: The Tower
022: Data-thief
Shivers From The Mouth
013: Warrior [a009] 
014: Witch
015: Wretch
016: Wound
023: Brothers Of Chrome
024: A Scrawling
025: Witchunt
026: Knight And Blade
Blue Angel Darkening: Heaven Cityscape Nightmares
017: Prologue
018: Darkopolis
019: The Calamity Clown
020: Serpentblood
021: Molested*
022: The Darkening (i)*
The War
027: Clearing A Path
028: Ambush
029: Sahris
030: A Weapon Given
031: Duel
Blue Angel Darkening: Death Haunt Daydreams
023: An Interlude
024: What Happened In The Alley
025: Another Visit From The Clown
026: Written On Flesh
027: Broken Circuitstreams
028: The Darkening (ii)*
Blue Angel Darkening: Hell Grave Chills
029: Another Interlude [p012] 
030: Rumbles, Trembles, Tremors
031: Calamity Knocks Down*
032: In The Midst Of The Riot
033: (2)syl Gets Kissed
034: The Darkening (iii)
The Longest Hour Of
The Darkened Angel

035: Mystery Razor King
036: Black Portal Closed
037: Of The Witch
038: The Only Option
039: Of The Warlock
040: Rampant
041: The Medusa Complex
042: My Infected Wound
043: Blasphemy Of Metal
044: The Irreplaceable
045: Inward/Outward
046: Decimated Compass
047: Hour's End
Drifting With The Bleed
048: Dispurify
049: Decreate
050: Darkified
051: Diseasevolution
052: Dieification
Binding The Circle

032: Breaking Dawn [T-minus 8]*
033: Blood Sun [T-minus 5]
034: Obliterated [T-minus 2]*
Taking Wing

015: Flight [T-minus 7]
016: Talons [T-minus 4]*
017: Obliterated [T-minus 1]
Death Of The Angel

053: The Hammer Falling [T-minus 6]*
054: Demon Apocalypse [T-minus 3]*
055: Obliterated [...]*

* Indicates extreme violence, adult language, or sexual content.  no kids.